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I work at a movie and music store. We get new releases sometimes up to three weeks before they come out.
I had a customer call to ask about a tv show.
Me: “thank you for calling (store) my name is (name), how may I help you?”
Customer: “I was calling to see if you have Downton Abbey season 5.”
Me: “okay sir, let me look that up for you” …. “Looks like we have one on bluray”
(Mind you on our inventory when you look something up it just shows on hand count and normal price before sale, one you double click on it you can see the sale price and release date.)
Me: “oh sir, I’m sorry but rusty actually doesn’t come out until Tuesday.”
Customer: “but I thought you said you have it”
Me “sir I apologize we do have the one, but it doesn’t come out until Tuesday.”
Customer “so can I buy it?”
Me “no sir it is not available”
Customer “why not”
Me “it comes it Tuesday”
Customer “can you put it on hold for me”
Me “no sir I can’t. It’s a new release and we do not put those on hold, you can come in and reserve a copy if you would like”
Customer “I’ve put stuff on hold before”
Me “we can put older titles on hold but not new releases and not before it’s released. You can reserve a copy for $5”
Customer “so let me clarify….”
At this point I start hitting my head against the counter.
Customer: “you have it but I can’t buy it, you can’t hold it, but I can reserve it.”
Me “yes sir, again I apologize that I told you that we have it in stock.”
Customer “so can you reserve it for me?”
Me “sir you have to come in to that like I’ve said already”
Customer “oh……Okay”
And he hangs up with no other words. My head hurt from banging it against the counter by time the call ended.