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I work in Tech-support at my local municipality. My job is to help people employed in the municipality, not the people living there.
Me: Techsupport, this is [Me].
Lady: Where is this?
Me: This is IT-helpdesk at [municipality].
Lady: Ah, good. Perhaps you my explain to me why there is only no good, [a couple of derogatory insults which I can’t translete], people working at the City Hall?
(I am set back as we just had an Virus-outbeak and got nothing but good feedback on our effort).
Me: I’m sorry, but what seems to be the problem?
Lady: Why is it impossible to get hold of anyone on the phones?
(We do telephones to, so I may fix the problem for this lady. Also, our ISP have had som cellular problems lately, but all should be good now).
Me: Do you get cut off, or what is happening?
Lady: No, they answer. But they do nothing, and don’t even call back!.
Me: Is it IT who is not calling back?
Lady: No, it’s those b******s at childcare.
Me: Oh, I see. I’m sorry, but you have reached IT, I have nothing to do with childcare. If you…
Lady. Well, thats not my problem! You explain to an 8 year old why he have no shoes!
Me: I’m sorry, but I don’t think that is a good idea. I work with copmputers and telephones, not children.
Lady: Well explain why they don’t call back then!
Me: That may be for many reasons. But I do not work with childcare and do not know why. Let me see if I find their number and transfer your call.
Lady: No! I want you to explain to an 8 year old why you no good [and so on] do not helm him.
Me: Once again, you have reach IT, I know nothing of this.
Lady: Okay, you work at city hall, right?
Me: Yes.
Lady: Which floor?
Me: 2nd.
Lady: Good. I’ll come down and drop of the 8 year old and send him to you so you can explain why he has no shooes.
Me: That will do no good, I’m sorry, but I know nothing of this. Please let me transfer your call.
Lady: No, they can not help me at all. Get me the mayor.
Me: He is in meetings all day, so that is not possible.
Lady: No wonder nothing gets done when you are all in meetings all the time.
Me: Let me transfer you to the boss of childcare, okay?
Lady: Yes, do that.
(I could not find the number for the boss, so I transferred her to the front desk of childcare. If you read this, sorry. I noticed that she never said it was her son, and was later told taht this woman calls in at least once a mont to complaint about something. Usually childcare, but noone knows if she really has a son. We have a good childcare-system in Norway, so I hope sh found some shoes for the kid. It was, after all, snow and 0 degrees Celsius (32 F)).

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