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, | Unfiltered | August 28, 2018

so it’s a fairly chilly day out and i was making waffle cones and helping the few customers that came into the store. my manager had to run to get some last minute supplies because we were supposed to be getting like 5 field trips in the next day, so i was alone in the store. also we sell icecream cupcakes, either in a six pack or as a single cupcake.

customer: excuse me, but do you sell cupcakes by themselves or do i have to buy the whole package?

me: we do sell them separately, which flavor would you like?

customer: oh, so you don’t sell them separately .

me: we do sell them individually.

customer: i understand, you can’t

(this went on for like 10 minutes)

customer: on second thought do you serve the petite cakes?

me: yes, but we have to have 24 hours after you order and pay for it so we can make it.

customer: well, i don’t wanna come back downtown tomorrow so…