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(A customer walks up to the customer service desk of the grocery store that I work at while I’m the only person at the desk.)
Customer: *slamming his bagged deli meat and cheese on the counter* “These rang up wrong! There is a sign for a sale and they rang up regular price!”
Me: “Alright, sir. May I see your receipt?”
(He hands me the receipt and I check the price that it rang up compared to the price marked on the package. One of them was on sale, but both rang up for the price marked.)
Me: “Well, sir, they both seem to have rang up for the price marked. Where did you see the sign for the sale?”
Customer: *pointing towards our Automated Deli Kiosk* “On that machine over there! I’ll show you!”
(I follow after him, making sure to bring the items and the receipt with me. He brings up the meat that he bought onto the kiosk.)
Customer: “See! $3.99 a pound! How much did that ring up for?”
Me: *Looking at the package* “… $3.99 a pound.”
(The pauses for a long moment.)
Customer: “You know what we’re gonna do? Give me that and my receipt. *Takes the deli meat, cheese and his receipt from my hand.* I’ve had it with Kroger!” *storms out of the store*
Me: “I’m sorry your stuff rang up right.”