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(During my lunch where I work at a saddlery, [uniform is jeans, cowboy boots and a blue polo] I decide to head to the grocery store [uniform is black dress pants and green button-up shirt])
Woman#1: Hi where can i find [item]?
Me: *ignores women thinking she is talking to a nearby employee*
Woman#1: Excuse me young lady?
Me: *raises eyebrow* I’m sorry I actually have no idea where that is.
Woman#1: Well can you find someone that knows then?
Me: Ermmm, sure? *finds an employee*
(about 5 minutes later I am approached by a separate customer)
Woman#2: Hi where is the [item]?
Me:… I’m sorry I don’t actually know.
Woman#2:…Oh.. Well can you point me in the right direction?
Me: Well uhm there are big signs telling you the products are, I’m sure they can tell you. *I’m quite confused at this point*
Woman#2: Do you even work here?
Me: *smiling politely* My uniform isn’t even close to the employees of this store.
Woman#2: Oh… right…

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