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It is a busy day at the fuel center. There are at least two cars on each pump and and the line at my window is four people deep. We had just restocked so not all the beverages are going to be cold, though we try to keep all the cold ones to one side rather than mix them up. A boy gets out of one of the second cars, gets a sports drink, waits patiently in the long line and purchases the drink getting back in the waiting car. Not five minutes later he’s back in line. I figure he’s back to prepay gas (the first car is not even done pumping) so I ready my ‘I have to wait for the first car to hang up the nozzle’ speech.

Me: Hello! [Pump], right? It will still be-

Customer: *presses sports drink to the window* This isn’t cold.

Me: *nonplussed* Er…we just restocked? Would you like to trade it for a cold one?

Customer: I want my money back.

Me: I can do that, but there should be-

I stop as he just stares at me uncomprehendingly and refund the money.

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