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(So I’m a younger girl, and I was shopping in an Urban Outfitters. I see a woman yelling and screaming at the cashier and the cashier looks horrified and helpless. I am wearing a tank top, shorts and a kimono so I blend in pretty well with the employees and as I approach the customer, I grab a flower crown off a table and put it on.)

Me: “Hello, Ma’am what seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “All of you are hippy freaks! You with your thrift shops, God can you hobos be sensible!”

Me: “Ma’am please let me know what is wrong so I can help to right the situation.”

(Lucky for me the cashier doesn’t jump in and stop me and just goes with it)

Customer: “Well, you and your company are selling USED clothes for 58+ dollars and I find that disgusting!”

(She is pointing to the USD Mark on the tag the entire time. Obviously she didn’t understand the concept of acronyms)

Me: “Ma’am I understand the confusion. The USD doesn’t mean that this particular garment has been worn or used, but that the garments style has been tested and worn by age groups all of the country to ensure that the clothing you as a customer are buying will be a comfortable and reliable addition to your closet. When you pay 58+ dollars, you aren’t just paying for clothes, but also comfort.”

Customer, clearly satisfied: “Finally, someone knows what USD means! Someone like this should be the manger!”

Me, smiling: “Thank you ma’am that is very kind, I do it all in the name of retail! Would you like to see our limited addition USD summer line?”
Customer, nodding furiously: “Yes please!”

(She ends up buying about 1,000 dollars worth of clothing and gives me a 20 dollar tip. I pass the 20 dollars on to the casheir.)

Me: “Please take this! You deserve it since you have to deal with people like that all day!”

Cashier: “You don’t even know! Thank you so much!”