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Note: I am a white girl (eastern European ethnicity), who tans well in the summer. this has lead to some…interesting encounters

Customer walks into the store with his wife and kids, I am standing behind the counter.

Me: “Hello! Let me know if I can help you with anything.”

Customer: “What ethnicity are you?”

Me: “Ummmm.”

Customer: “You’re Greek aren’t you!”

Me: “No, actually I’m Eastern European mostly.”

Customer: “But you must be Greek! Look at your skin! I’m Greek, and I always know how to spot a nice Greek girl.”

Me: “umm…I’m not.”

Customer: “Really? Well, if you say so!”

He then winks at me and goes back to join his family. When they come up to check out, he tells his wife I’m Greek. When I shake my head, she rolls her eyes, and he goes “What, what?” and winks again as they leave.

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