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(so i work with my dad fixing garages and sometimes we get rude customers and my dad was always really calm with them. One time a lady called us and when we went to check it out this happened)

Lady:So you can fix my garage?

Dad: yeah but it’ll be *sum*

Lady:Thats crazy! you fixed my neighbors garage for *sum* why cant you do that for me?

Dad:Because your springs are broken and require a whole new bar,plus a strap,your neighbor only needed a strap.

Lady:F***ing Mexicans!*proceeds to go on racist rant and my dad is just really calm,while i am about to go off on her but my dad just gives me a look and i stay quiet.*

Dad:Well if you want to call someone else to fix it go ahead,but keep in mind if you call me back here its doubled the price because i have to waist gas

(She huffs and goes inside and me and my dad go home and i ask why he didn’t go off on her)

Dad:Just wait this happens all the time

(guess who called a few minutes later,we charged her double the sum and a little more from her rudeness)

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