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Me: [Company name], this is [My Name], how can I help you?

Customer: Yeah I am looking to buy some products you sell

Me: Certainly. What company are you with?

Customer: Oh I am just a licensed individual.

Me: Oh well, unfortunately, we only sell to businesses in the food and grain industry. I would recommend you try contacting [Other pest control company] or the manufacturer.

Customer: Why should I have to do that if I am licensed? [Pest Control Company] is my competitor, why should I buy from them?

Me: Uh…well, I’m really sorry, but we do not sell to individuals.

Customer: Fine, well you should know that I am a US-licenced auditor for places like the ones you service. And I will make sure to do a real good job in the future.

Me: (…what? Was that supposed to magically make me able to sell to him? How would he even know the locations we service?)