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, | Unfiltered | August 23, 2018

I am a female, in the women’s washroom at work, which has several stalls. Just as I am finishing up, I hear something at the door. It sounded like someone tapped their heel on the ground or something, so I don’t think much of it. I hear someone come in, and when I open the stall, I see our MALE HR manager switching out one of the decorations on the counter with all the sinks. I gasp really loudly and immediately feel really embarrassed. Not knowing what to do, I just close the stall door again until he left, apologizing and asking if I was OK. I just couldn’t believe that happened! Apparently, the noise I heard was of him knocking… but even if I had identified it as knocking, why would someone knock on the outside of a bathroom? Why not say loudly, “Hey, it’s [male coworker], is there anyone in here?” … or, better yet, send in a female to do whatever he was doing!!

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