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, | Unfiltered | August 22, 2018

Customer: I’m having trouble buying an app.

Me: Do you have your device with you?

Customer: Yes.

Me: Let’s see what’s happening here — can you try downloading it again so I can see the error?

Customer: (wakes device, launches an app)

Me: Looks like you already have the app on there.

Customer: No, I’m having trouble with an in-app purchase. (By this time, app has launched and he has a dialog asking for his app store password)

Me: Just put your app store password in there for me please.

Customer: (error pops up saying the purchase can’t be completed, and provides a URL to get help)

Me: Did you go to this site for help?

Customer: Yes. What do I do when I get there?

Me: Not sure – let’s go there and find out. (We go to an adjacent computer and type in the URL). Here’s where you would click on the category of problem you’re experiencing.

Customer: I’m not an idiot. This place is turning into [your competitor]! I’ve been in Information Technology for years. This is a f***-up! (Turns and walks out.)