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(Due to a physical disability I recently developed regarding my skin, I am unable to do any PE lessons for most of the school year. Towards the end, I am offered a position to help teach computer science during those periods instead, which I gratefully accept. I work with a class two years below me, who are just learning to code in Python. The students have two weeks to make a project, for which this student chooses to make a short text-based adventure game.)

Student: Excuse me, [My Name], can you please test out what I have so far?

Me: “Of course, [Student].”

(At this point, I have seen a cheat code written in the script, where when you pick your class, you instead type “HAXXX”, but I didn’t have time to read it. I try it out, and this is something along the line of what happens:)

Python: “Your cheat code powers allow you to summon a magic sword to instant-kill the dragon.”

(I look at him with a light smirk, but he doesn’t seem to react yet. I notice more text on the screen has just appeared:)

Python: “As you prepare to strike, you suddenly crash, and the dragon kills you while you are frozen. Don’t cheat.”

(As the program ends, I look at him sternly, and tell him to focus on actually coding the game for real instead of messing about. However, I got the last laugh when he called me back not two minutes later, to ask for help with a function to register when the player loses. I had to teach him a command I had learnt a few months earlier, which he caught onto easily.)