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Many decades ago I was working in a department store (now closed). One day I helped the manager of the electronics department clear the dead weight – products that were outdated, single units in stock, messed up packaging, or just simply hadn’t moved in years – out of his storage room so they could fill it up with more, recent stock.

This stuff couldn’t be returned back to the warehouses, and was not moving at all. Many of them came up marked 50-75% off. The department manager and I spent the afternoon marking them down, then piling them on a big 6’x3′ table very near one of the entrances. He puts a big sign on them that says “All items 50% Off.”

This was around 4pm.

At 6pm, as his his shift was about to end, he replaces the sign with a sign that says “50% Off The Marked Price,” says “oops!” and clocks out.

The table cleared within the hour.