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(I’m a department manager of a big box retail store. A customer goes to one of the cashiers trying to return items that are five days past the policy. When the cashier tells her she can’t, the customer asks for a manager. The cashier pages for me and I tell the cashier over the phone sorry, but we can’t take it back.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous. These items are just five days or so past the return policy, and you won’t take them back, huh!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but once they pass the return policy, we have no way to return or exchange them. Our registers won’t even let us.”

Customer: “This is absurd! You should have big signs posted at every register and in front of every door. This is why your company is going out of business. You’re gonna give me your corporate contact info so I can tell them about the service I got today!”

(After a bit more huffing and puffing from the customer, I gave the woman our company’s address, and went back to my dept. We do post our policy at every register in our building, and we aren’t going out of business. In fact we are opening up new locations!)

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