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(I work for a couture jewelry company, and the pieces displayed in our salon are samples we use to design new custom pieces for our clients (mostly brides who want something made to order). A mother and daughter walk in and browse the salon and I greet them and give them a little info on our pieces.)

Me: “Just to let you know, our jewelry is made to order and takes around 8-10 weeks, but we can make that pair of earrings you liked in silver rather than the gold they’re sampled in, if you prefer.”

Bride: “That won’t work; my wedding is in July.”

Me: “We can usually accommodate a shorter turn around time for a bit of a rush fee.”

(They pick out a pair of earrings the bride likes as-is and I start to draw up the order.)

Me: “It’ll be $210 for the earrings and the Rush Fee is $40.”

Bride: “Oh well, we don’t want to pay that.”

Me: *after checking our stock to make sure we can sell off the floor without losing our only sample* “It looks like I can sell you this pair off the floor if you’d rather walk out with a pair and skip the rush fee.”

Bride: “That’s great, let’s do that!”

Me: “Okay, let me pop these on a card for you!”

Mother Of The Bride: “Oh, we can’t have a new pair made instead?”

Me: “…you can if you have 8-10 weeks or $40 for the rush fee.”

Bride: “That pair will be fine.”

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