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My grandparents live in an apartment building that residents have to have a scannable card to unlock the entrance to the building. Non-residents would press the button at the entrance, and talk to the receptionist through that device. The receptionist would ask some questions, and then contact the residents before letting the guests in. This is because it’s connected to a commercial center.

My grandparents are so respectable to the building staff that they give them additional cards so their guests can come more conveniently. But not all of the staff knows it. My mother has one though she doesn’t live there.

One time, she forgot to bring the card, so she had to call the receptionist. The receptionist picked up and asked questions; my mother answered normally. Then they hung up to contact my grandparents in the apartment. Note that there is no camera that I know of and the guests don’t talk directly to the residents; the receptionist talks to each of them.

After a short moment, they came back and asked if my mother is the maid of my grand-aunt’s. They have the same name, so I assume that my grandparents were not aware that my mother was coming and thought about the maid because my grandaunt came frequently.

The receptionist asked just like a part of the process. But my mother didn’t answer it and got furious: “I am their daughter! Just let me in!”

With this new information, the receptionist should have ask my grandparents again. But they didn’t get all needed information from my mother and just unlocked. So from my point of view, my mother demanded special treatment for her carelessness in doing something against the rules.

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