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(Me and my mom went to a restaurant that isn’t exactly known for its good service but has great food. Right across the street is a big emergency hospital.)

Waitress: “What can I get you ladies today?”

Mom: “I’ll have a plain cheeseburger and a side of fries.”

Me: “And I will have the salad. Does the salad have any peanuts in it? I’m very allergic.”

Waitress: “Just a tiny bit. You’ll be fine.”

Mom: “I don’t think you understand. My daughter’s throat will close if she eats peanuts!”

Waitress: “You’re over exaggerating. There is a hospital across the street.”

Me: “Manager, now.”

Waitress: “Ugh fine. If you want to throw a fit about it.”

Manager: “My employee said you were verbally abusing her because you didn’t want peanuts in your salad. Yes?”

Waitress: *looking smug behind the manager*

Mom: “That’s not what happened!”

(After telling the manager want happened, she then tried to argue that there was only a small amount of peanuts in the salad.)