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(Story from my manager. She was called up to the service desk to handle a customer who claimed to have ordered cases of jelly through a manager named “Dean”.)

Manager: unfortunately, we don’t have a manager by that name and we don’t have an order under your name.

Customer: but I ordered it here in person through “Dean”!

Manager: I’m sorry, we don’t have a “Dean” working here. Did you by chance order it through another store?

Customer: no! I ordered it here! I’ll call my lawyer and then they’ll fix this!

(Hours later, she gets a phone call from the same customer)

Customer: I ordered jelly IN STORE and they claimed to not have my order!

Manager: I’m sorry, do you know the phone number of the store you placed the order with?

Customer: yeah it was: xxx-xxx-xxxx!

Manager: okay let me call that number and I’ll get right back to you. (She calls the phone number he gave her and sure enough that’s who he placed his order through.) looks like you ordered from a store in Illinois, with a manager “Dean”.

Customer: oh… I wondered why they gave me a weird city name. Haha. I’ll place an order for two cases of jelly from you then