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(I have broken a lot of bones in my life, and have an extremely, high tolerance to pain. I can almost always tell when I have broken a bone, and a lot of the hospital staff in our small town know to trust me if I say I have. I am stocking shelves, when I trip over my own feet and land on my ankle strangely. Immediately, I know it is broken. I call an ambulance, and a coworker. While I am waiting for her to arrive, I am sitting on the floor, guarding my ankle, when a large, and physically imposing man stands over me.)

Customer: Can you help me find the canned peas?

Me: *Incredulous look* Uh sir, no. No, I cannot, as I have just br-

Customer: Why? Are you just too lazy? Why are you lying on the floor like a f****** idiot, anyway?

Me: Sir, I have just broken my ankle. Please, find one of my coworkers to assist you.

Customer: Oh, you are just exaggerating! You have probably just twisted it, and are riding it out to get off work!

Me: No, I really have broken it. Could you please step away from my ankle, actually? It is very painful and I would feel better if you moved away from it, if you don’t mind.

Customer: Actually, I DO mind. Kids these days! You are just a lazy a*** bunch of incompetent workers! I know a thing or two about broken bones, I have broken my wrist twice. You aren’t in any pain!

Me: *calmly* Sir, please leave me alone. I know my own body well enough to know that it is certainly broken. In the past 9 years alone, I have broken more bones than most people will in their entire life. 14, no, make that 15 now, different broken bones in 9 years has made me incredibly tolerant to pain. Trust me.

Customer: *Suddenly angry* What the f***! The lies you were telling before almost believable, but this is f****** ridiculous! I’ll show you what a real broken bone feels like, you idiotic a***hole! You’re just a p***y a*** b****, girls don’t know what pain feels like!

(He stands over me threateningly, and raises his foot over the ankle I am clutching)

Me: *Terrified, as I have no way to defend myself* P-please, sir, I promise it is the truth!

(I see a coworker at the end of the aisle, running towards me. She doesn’t know the man is being violent until she is a few meters away. She knows Kung Fu, and despite being short and petite, I have seen her take down men much, much bigger than her.)

Coworker: Sir, step away from my coworker. For your own safety.

Customer: *laughs* Oh, for my own safety? What are you going to do to me, b****?

Coworker: Please, I know Kung Fu. Get away from her, I’m warning you!

Customer: F*** you!

(He throws a punch at my coworker. She easily side steps it, and soon has him in a hold he clearly cannot escape.)

Coworker: Get out of this store, now, before I call the cops!

Customer: Y-yes, I will.

(My Coworker releases him, and he bolts out of the store.)

Coworker: [My Name], are you all right?

Me: Uh, I guess. I still need to go to hospital. My ankle is really swollen now, and its at a really strange angle. I’m really shaken up, though.

(To distract me, she sits beside me and talks for a while, until the ambulance arrives. We have been great friends for over a year now, and I am thinking of asking her out! It turns out, my ankle was broken in two places, and I was in plaster and on crutches for the better part of 8 months.)