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I have worked for this small store of a big chain supermarket for 4.5 years now – during my degree and after it. I get some weird comments from customers. The area I work in is full of diversity, myself being Muslim and work with athiests, christians, black, white and asians. We get a lot of customers who don’t speak English, who have just moved to the UK as well as people who do speak English etc. So quite diverse.

I was serving a black gentleman who handed me a £50 note. As a small retail store we have to check these and then get the manager to double check it before we can accept and see if we can give change for it.

I checked it and called for a manager (who is white and I’m brown) and the customer said to me “Is it because I’m black?” I looked at him in shock and me and my manager looked at each other like “what the heck!”.

I politely said it’s a big note and it is policy to check big notes by more than one person. When in reality I just wanted to ask him if he was freaking kidding me!

The next person in the line was a black woman who I served next and she came up and ranted how out of order the guy before was.

I don’t understand how you would jump to that conclusion!