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(Our drive-thru is timed; customers are not allowed to be at a window any longer than 45 seconds. It a customer is waiting on a particular item, we usually send them to the carpark and then personally bring it out when it’s ready. This particular day, an area manager is in, so we’re working hard to make sure our drive-thru is spot on. I just put down a bag of [frozen product] into the deep fryer when I hear a customer order one on the headset. Before I can tell the cashier there is a wait, he is already at my window.)

Me: “Hi, sorry but there’s going to be a wait on your meal. Can I just get you to wait in the carpark? I can bring it out when it’s ready.”

Customer: “How long is it going to take?”

Me: “Only a minute or two.”

Customer: “Can’t I just wait here?”

Me: “Sorry, but our drive-thru is timed. I’m not allowed to leave a car here for too long.”

Customer: “Last time I came here I had to wait for ages!”

Me: “I can assure you, it’s not going to be a couple of minutes.”

(This goes back and forth a few more times, and then he decides to drive on. I pack the next car’s orders, then his, and bring it out to the carpark. I didn’t see him anywhere and figured he just left, even though he was out there for maybe 3 minutes tops. On my way back him I notice him; parked at the exit of the drive-thru, blocking the two cars behind him. I walk over and hand over his meal.)

Me: “Didn’t I ask you to wait in the carpark? There are cars behind you wanting to leave.”

Customer: “So? It’s your fault I had to wait. You should have told me earlier when I was ordering.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you were already at my window before I could tell the cashier.”

Customer: “Not my problem.”

(He then drove off, leaving me open-mouthed. I’m used to arrogant cutomers, but blocking a drive-thru on purpose? I don’t even know.)