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| Unfiltered | August 13, 2018

A typical day in the smoke shop drive thru
Customer: I want marloboro
Me: ok what kind of marlbs do you want?
Customer: regular
Me: …. so do you want reds?
Customer: Yes! Regulars!
Me: king size or hundreds?
Customer: Regular
Me: King size hundreds?
Customer: REGULARS!
Me: King size or hundreds?
Customer: (glares at me because I aparantly am too stupid to understand what regular means) kings
Me: (smiles and finishes transactions) Have a good one

Next customer pulls up
Customer: I want a carton of full flavorĀ  blue camel 99s
Me: (grab full flavor and rings it up)
Customer: are those blues?
Me: no (switches them out and finishes transaction)
Customer: these are wrong you were supposed to give me the full flavor blues
Me: alright, if you give me the receipt and smokes I’ll refund them and give you the right ones
Customer to passenger: how effing stupid can she be? I know I said camel full flavor blues

Next customer pulls up
Customer: can I get a box of marlbs?
I grab a pack and ring it up
Customer: No! I wanted a carton!
Me: ok I’ll just go grab that for you. (all the while thinking how many more of these am I going to get today?)