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(A local non-chain burger place has a very narrow entryway, it’s a single door with a short walk that’s partially walled off. It’s very difficult for two people to get past each other, so as I’m leaving and there’s a couple of older people already stepping in through the door, I step back and let them go through. As she passes, the woman of the two huffs at me.)

Woman: That was EXTREMELY rude.

Me: … I’m sorry, what was?

Woman: You should have held the door for me, you know!

Me: If I was opening the door as you got here I would have, but you were already INSIDE the door, how was I supposed to hold it open?

Woman: Isn’t that your JOB!?

Me: … No, my job is about a half hour down the road, and I don’t work weekends.

Woman: Oh that’s just typical!

(With that she all but physically pushed me – even though I wasn’t in the way – and stormed off for the counter. At least her companion was giving her a ‘that was crazy’ look just like I was!)