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(I work in wing joint as a closing shift lead, Sundays are hell, and people often pick up their food very late.)

Coworker: [me], This dude is on the phone complaining that his wings are slimey.

Me: ….Slimey?

Coworker: Yeah, he came in like an hour late and picked up his food just now.

Me: ….Alright….

(At this point I don’t know what to expect and pick up.)

Me: Thank you for holding, this is [me], how can I help you?

Customer: Question….Are all your guys’ wings slimy?

Me: Not normally? I guess don’t know what you mean by slimey, sir.

Customer: Like they’re stretchy and chewy.

Me: Well sir, next time I would suggest ordering your wings to be well done to insure that they’re what you want them to taste like.

Customer: (Says something to someone closeby) OH, he says you can get them well done.

(Awkward silence ensures)

Me: So, I apologize that the wings weren’t up to your standard. Would you like to give me your name down a discount next time you come in or an address to send in free dinner coupons?

Customer: I want a replacement, or else I am never coming back there again.

Me: Alright, sir, I can only give you a replacement if I get all the wings back from you.

Customer: Well there’s a couple here…

Me: Do you still have all the wings?

Customer: You know what? F*** it, I am not coming back here ever again.

Me: *click*