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(My dad and I are the customers at this hardware store known for their orange apron uniforms. An eldery lady with a moderate accent comes up to us. It is apparent that English is not her native language. Note that I am wearing a university shirt and shorts and my dad is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and work pant and we are not employees of said hardware store.)
Lady: Excuse me what does this mean? (She points to a sign that states “20% off all cabinet items in-stock”)
Dad (being polite): It means that that all the cabinets and relate items are 20%.
Lady: What does “in-stock” mean?
Dad: It means that all of the items here are 20% off.
Lady: What does “in-stock” mean?
Dad: In-stock means that they have it in the store at the moment.
Lady (points to a cabinet set): Is this in stock?
Dad: Yes that set is in stock, and so that one and that one and all of the items here in the store.
Lady: Oh, Okay. Thank you.
Me(looking at my clothes): Do we really look like we work here, dad?