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( I had just served a customer and he seemed happy with the service, until he started walking aways and I started to serve the person behind him.)

Customer: What the hell is this?

Me: Sorry sir what seams to be the problem?

Customer:  Where is the rest of my money?? I want my money

I take a look at the receipt to check I had given him the right amount back.  The total was £8.55  looking into the man’s hands I saw a five pound not in one hand and in the other, coins that added up to the remaining £8.55
me: It all seems to be there,  five.. Six.. Seven, eight and fifty five

Customer:  no, one.. two.. three fifty five it’s ment to £8.55

Me: yep it’s all there ( counts it all out again and even points to the five pound note in his hand both times)

Customer: NO!  It’s missing five pounds see 1..2.. 3

Me:  you have five pounds in the other hand hand..

Customer: oh! So.I do never mind

I was left at my till wondering what’s just happened and he walks off laughing to himself.