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(I have just rung up a man and his wife for their dinner at a restaurant known for its bread. Throughout the transaction, the wife has been kind, but the man has been rude and raised his voice at me once already for asking him to specify which side he’d like with his meal–something we are always required to do. I come back with the few desserts they’ve ordered from the bakery just in time to find this man screaming at my manager.)

Man: This girl gave me the baguette when I wanted the grain roll for my side!
Manager: Sir, I’m afraid we’re out of the sprouted grain roll.
Man: She already said that, but I still wanted it! And we got three pastries–we always get them for 99 cents–and look! She’s put them as full price on here! She’s overcharged us, we should be getting them for free!
Me: (flatly, completely fed up with his attitude) Sir, our pastries are only 99 cents if you purchase a drink with your meal. I asked you both if you wanted drinks, but you said no.
Man’s Wife: (clearly embarrassed) Honey, it’s right on the sign…
Manager: Sir, you’ve probably brought drinks with your meals before and gotten the discounted pastries then, but they are full price without them. That’s the policy.
Man: (embarrassed, snatching the pastries out of my hands) Fine! They’re full price and I already paid, but see if I ever buy anything from here ever again!
Manager: (once he’s out of earshot) Good riddance.