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Our menu was recently reorganized, so now our #2 combo is either a double or triple hamburger. The menu panel shows both, with a large “OR” between them, and a price for each one. I’m taking orders on front counter when this occurs.

Customer: “#2 please to go.”

Me: “No problem, the double or the triple?”

Customer: “The double please.”

I ring him up and everything goes smoothly. He comes back in a couple minutes later.

Customer: “You guys forgot my combo.”

(I was the one who bagged his order and it definitely had his food in it)

Me: “I’m sorry about that, you had the #2, right?”

Customer: “Yeah, and I only got the one burger. You need to give me the second one”

Me: “The #2 is only one burger, you get to choose the double or triple.”

Customer: “That’s right and I said double. Double means I get 2 combos.”

Me: “I’m sorry, that isn’t how it works, the double or triple means you get either 2 or 3 patties on the burger. It’s still only one combo.”

Customer: “But that’s not what it says up there.”

Me: “I can assure you that the combo is only one burger, side and drink.”

Customer: “I still need my other burger though, are you going to give it to me?”

Me: “You’ll still have to pay for it because it’s a second combo.”

Customer: “But double means I get two”

This goes on until I finally managed to convince him that “double” did not mean two combos