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(Me and a few friends are furries. We dress up in customized mascot style
costumes, called fursuits, and meet up with other furries to entertain the
public and to socialize, called furmeets. Furries also have a bad reputation
on the internet and are stereotyped to be perverted goat f***ers, so some
people may think of furries to be not-as-friendly as we really are. I’m in a
furmeet at a public landmark with some of my friends as well as some
strangers in a light crowd around us, filming us and whatnot.)

Little Kid #1: Mommy! Look at all the funny animals!
Mother: Come on, [Little Kid] lets not get near those freaks…
Little Kid #1: But mommy! I wanna meet one!
Mother: NO! You don’t go anywhere near them you hear me?!
(We get reactions like these a lot so we ignore the mother and stay our
distance, 10 minuets later.)
Little Kid #2: Hi kitty!
Me: (I’m dressed as a cartoon-style tiger) Maor!
Little Kid #2: *Giggles* Can I pet you?
Me: Meow! *I crouch down to let her pet my costume’s head*
The Same Mother: GET AWAY FROM HER!
(Before I can react she kicks the side of my head, causing me to sprawl on
my side and knocking my costume’s head off.)
Father #2: *Filming the incident while supervising Little Kid #2* Jesus
Christ! What the hell lady! Why did you do that?!
Father #2: I think I would have caught him first, seeing how i’m her father
and watching behind her like a father should!
(By now i’m just recovering from the blow, some other furries along with one
of my friends are helping me up. The crowd of strangers are filming her and
calling the police.)
Little Kid #2: Why did you kick the kitty! You big meanie!

(After a few minuets of Father #2 and the Mother talking back and forth the
police arrive, take all of the witness’ statements and footage and promptly
arrested her.)

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