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(I was having internet issues, so I went to my brother to see if he was having them too. Keep in mind that, while I am no expert in technology, I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge from both personal experience and other people with certification. Short form, I know what I’m talking about. My brothers knowledge of computers comes from using cell phones pretty much his hole life, as well as using a laptop here and there. He has also never researched anything about tech, either.)
Me: “Hey, are you guys having internet problems?”
Brother: “I mean, it’s running slow but not really. What do you have opened?”
Me: “I have Team Talk opened to talk with friends, Skype to text one of them, and YouTube because I’m listening to music.”
Brother: “That’s the problem, because YouTube is hogging all the WiFi.”
Me: “No, because -”
Brother: “Yes, because YouTube hogs a lot of WiFi to play those videos.”
Me: “Yes, that’s true, on phones. Because -”
Brother: “No, that’s bulls***, it will take a lot of WiFi regardless. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.”
Me: *Getting angry* “If you’d shut up for a second, I could prove my point and tell you why.”
Brother: “You can try to prove your point all you want, the point is that it’s going to take up a lot of WiFi.”
(I kept trying to prove my point, but he kept cutting me off and eventually I screamed at him. He threw something at me and hurt my shoulder, and at that point I decided to back off a bit. However, I didn’t leave without saying one more thing.)
Me: “I can ask my friend who has certification, and he’ll tell you the same thing.”
Brother: “Big deal. They can have certification to suck d*** better than me, doesn’t mean they can.”
(I decided to contact my friend about it.)
Me: “So, my brother just told me that YouTube is going to hog WiFi all the time constantly, regardless if you’re on a phone or not.”
Friend: “Well, that is sort of true.”
Me: “Yes, but see here’s the point I was trying to make. Sense a computer has more memory, it can load the videos and store them, so it only wastes internet until the video is stored in memory. After that, you can listen to the video even if you aren’t connected to the internet, and thus it won’t take anymore WiFi until you leave the page and load another video or the same one again. Phones don’t have the memory nor the hard drive space to do that, so they’re constantly streaming the videos.”
(It turns out I was right. I also told them how he kept cutting me off so that I wouldn’t have a chance to prove that I was right, and how he basically said that he knows more than someone with certification. We spent the next 10 minutes laughing about his stupidity, and he could hear my entire half of the conversation. When I basically encouraged him to come in and talk to my friend, he sat there and did nothing, just like I knew he would. Later I closed YouTube and Skype, and turned WiFi off on all my devices except the one I was using. The internet was still bad. The fact of the matter is, even if YouTube did take a lot of WiFi, which it does in some circumstances, normal networks are able to handle that.)

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