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When I was being trained for my current job I was doing supervised shifts where I either take the cash and being supervised or I’m observing a transaction being placed. (I’m currently observing at this time because we just opened), and a customer came in with the total gas price being $20.01.

Customer: I’m at Pump 2

Worker: Is that everything? and is it cash or debit?

Customer: Debit

Worker: Okay so that will be $20.01

Customer: No, its $20 even

Worker: you pumped $20.01 worth of gas and because your paying debit, the penny stays on the total price. The penny rounds only on cash payments.

Customer: NO, it applies to debit to.

Worker: It actually doesn’t.

This goes on for a few moments before the customer finally pays.

Customer: I’m going to be calling head office about this, this is ridicules.

Worker: You do that, have a nice day.

after the customer leaves he turns to me

Worker: The penny rounds only on cash payments, not debit or credit.

Me: I noticed.