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| Unfiltered | August 5, 2018

Customer: “Hi, I’ve got a couple of mall gift cards. I don’t know how much is on them but here.” *puts them on the counter*
Me: “Ok, I will try them and see if they go through. Your total is $50.77.” *scans one card. Declined. Inputs different amount. Declined.*
Me: “I’m sorry, but since these are mall cards and we can’t check how much is on them, you’ll have to see guest services or call the 1-800 number on the back of the card. Otherwise I would need to enter amounts backwards from $50 for each card until I hit the right number, which would take a very long time. I can set these aside for you while you check if you’d like.”
Customer: “Excuse me? That is YOUR job. We are not calling some stupid number because YOUR system can’t tell how much is on my mall gift card.”
Me: *trying very hard not to react unprofessionally while calling them unpleasant names in my head, because customer service is a 30 second walk from my store.* “I’m sorry but MY job is to ring you through, and help you with matters concerning MY store. I will call for you but please note that it is simply because I try to be helpful, and it is in no way part of my duties.”
Customer: *huff*