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I haven’t even gotten to open my email this morning when the first visitor – a hospice aide – comes in. She immediately has a bad attitude and I’m thinking ‘it is way too early for this s***’.

Me: Good morning!
Aide: Is one of those a bathroom? *nods towards two doors to the left*
Me: The second one is. *blinks as she stomps off* You’ll need to come back and sign in when you’re done.
Aide: *ignores me AND the sign on the door that says ‘office’ and tries the first door anyway* It’s locked. Why is it locked?
Me: Because that’s my boss’s office. The bathroom is the second door.
Aide: Well why didn’t you say so? *finally goes in door that has large BATHROOM sign on it*
Me: *eyetwitch*

I greet another visitor and chat with her for a minute while the aide goes about her bathroom business and finally comes back out, heading off in the wrong direction, away from my desk.

Me: Ma’am? Can you come back up here for a minute please?
Aide: *huffs* What?
Me: I’m sorry, you need to sign in please.
Aide: Ugh, fine. Where’s the book?
Me: It’s this tablet, here. *starts walking her through how to use it*
Aide: I don’t think I need to be doing this.
Me: I’m sorry, everyone has to, otherwise I can’t let you in. It’s for our residents’ security.
Aide: I really don’t think I need to do this though. *finishes signing in and starts to walk off again*
Me: Ma’am? Please put this on! *hands her a name badge that just printed out*
Aide: I have to show this? Can I put it away?
Me: No, ma’am, you need to stick it on yourself so my coworkers know you’re okay to be here.
Aide: This is ridiculous. *smacks name badge to her shirt, where it predictably falls to the floor because the genius didn’t take the sticky part off* What the h***…
Me: *barely resisting urge to facepalm self into a coma* You need to peel the backing off first.
Aide: GOD this is so stupid. *picks it off the floor and finally sticks it to herself and stomps off into the building, b******* under her breath*
Me: Have a good day!

I just…I don’t…IT’S NOT EVEN 7:30 YET FOR F**** SAKE! *cries*