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(I have a pet rabbits.My neighbor asked me if his 7 year old daughter could see them.I accept.)

Me:Here they are.
Daughter:Bunnies!Can I hold one?
Neighbor:Of course sweetheart.
Me:I have to advise against it.They might get spooked and start shrieking if picked up by an unfamiliar person.Maybe after they get used to you.
Neighbor:That’s just silly.It’s not like we’re wolves ready to eat them.

Daughter:I brought them carrots.Can I feed them?
Me:Sorry to break it to you honey but more than a teaspoon and they might get sick.
Daughter:But Bugs eats carrots.
Me:Bugs is a cartoon and cartoons can do many things real animals cannot.
Daughter:Oh,that makes sense I guess.What do they eat?
Me:Mostly hay,grass and leafy greens.
Daughter:Bunnies are weird but cute…Can I use the restroom,please?

(After we get back from the restroom,I see my neighbor had picked up a bunny which as I expected,started shrieking.I take the poor thing out of his hands and gently put him back.)

Neighbor:The hell was that?!
Me:Congratulations!Your first scared rabbit.I did ask you not to pick them up.
Daughter:*with a mouthful of cookies.*Daddy should practice what he peaches.

(He asked me a few days later if he could have any baby bunnies.All of my rabbits are neutered and spayed but even if they weren’t,I wouldn’t give him any.)