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In the Netherlands we have student societies, organised into different groups of friends ‘disputen’. My dispuut is celebrating it’s 95th birthday next year so we have a lot of members, bot active and not active. I have been chosen as the chairman of the committee that’s organising the festivities. Not only do we organise a trip of about 10 days in the summer but also a gala and we’re discussing wheter or not we would also organise a skiing holiday. Earlier we decided not to because nobody seemed very interessted but for the last few weeks a lot of people changed their mind.
I’m discussing the possible change of plans with another member of my committee.

Me: Maybe, if enough people would like to go, we could organise the trip.

Friend: Last time we discussed this we decided not to.

Me: Yes of course but we could change plans of course. Depends if besides us anyone else would want to plan the trip.

Friend: Yes but we decided last time that we would let the dispuuts board decide wheter the trip would be organised and by whom. Help is always appreciated of course.

Me: Yes I get that but if we would like to organise the trip, we could discuss it with the board and could do it al the same.

Friend: last time you said, and I quote: ‘decided to let the board handle the skiing holiday’

Followed by an irritated groan from my side. How hard can it be to just listen to what someone says instead of just repeating: ‘We already decided on this, we already decided on this, we already decided on this.’ Plans can change right?