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The costume shop which I managed had a policy of charging 1/4 the total price of all rented costumes returned late, for each day late. This is spelled out in bold, easy to read letters on the contract everyone signs. A woman comes in to return a skirt she had rented. I notice it’s a day late, and that her address on the contract indicates she’s from one of parts of the state known for being where the rich people live. We make small talk while I go over her pieces, and she seems friendly.

Me: Alright ma’am, if you’ll please sign right here for your return. It looks like your costume is being returned a day late, so I’m afraid I’ll have to charge you…. (I pause for dramatic affect) a whole $1.50.

Suddenly the customer went ice cold, and she began muttering under her breath. She angrily snapped her card at me to pay, then huffed down the stairs. Later that night I learned that she complained to my manager that I gave her horrible customer service. All because I charged her $1.50 late fee, as per the contract she signed. (My manager just laughed)

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