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, | Unfiltered | August 1, 2018

I had a couple argue with me for a good ten minutes today at work because the yellow highlighters were not yellow enough… Then after I got them to let go of the fact that most highlighters nowadays are no longer “yellow”, but “florescent yellow”, they then argued that two different yellow highlighters, of the same brand, would be two wildly different colors because the plastic pen bodies were slightly different shades of “yellow”. Even after guaranteeing and swearing on my mother’s life that they were exactly the same, I actually had to open both packs and show them that they were in fact, surprise surprise, the same color. This was all after they had started our interaction in a way, that outside of work, would have gotten anyone punched in the face and given a lesson on not being a bigoted asshat. They engaged me in the mini hell tornado by asking me where the “non-queer” highlighters were and when I asked for clarification, thinking I must have heard them wrong, they told me that they wanted just old fashioned yellow and not all those “fruity” colors. I almost told them to go the hell back to whatever Bible Belt state they came from and that they could buy there highlighters at the darn Staples there, but I managed to be painfully pleasant and walk them through the most painful $30 sale of my life. Next time someone asks about highlighters I’m faking my own death right there on the sales floor.

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