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| Unfiltered | August 1, 2018

A guest calls our hotel in a total panic about her reservation next month. I am listening in on this call. It takes us a while to figure out what the problem seems to be.

Guest:”I booked 2 deluxe balcony rooms through (well-known international travel website), and now my creditcard got charged!”
Manager: “Well, this website is very clear about charging your card directly at reservation. If something went wrong there, and the amount is not right, you should call them.”
Guest:”I don’t understand why my card got charged…..”
Manager: “We have nothing to do with charging your card. We only receive the money after your stay. You should call them.
Guest:”I still don’t understand why my card got charged…..”

She keeps repeating herself over and over again.

Manager: “But what did you think would happen when you typed in your creditcard number and clicked ‘charge card now’?”
Guest:”Well, not this! I don’t understand why my card got charged, this was not suppose to happen…..”

This goes on and on for several minutes until the manager is fed up.

Manager: “What exactly seems to be the problem? Don’t you want the rooms?”
Guest:”Yes, we will definitely be travelling!”
Manager:”But then there is no problem. You reserved the rooms you wanted and we have your reservation here, so everything is ok”.
*hestitant silence*
Guest:”Yes, but I still don’t understand why my card got charged, this was not suppose to happen…..How do I now settle the bill with the voucher I have for your hotel?”
Manager:”What voucher?”
Guest: “I bought a travel voucher from (totally unrelated travel agent company) for one standard room, and I wanted to settle my hotel bill with that”
Manager: “so let me get this straight: You want to pay 2 deluxe rooms at (well-known international travel website) with a travel voucher for one cheaper standard room from an completely unrelated travel agent?”
Guest: “Yeah….so how do I do that?”
Manager: “Why would this travelsite accept a voucher from a traveI agent they do not do any business with? I think you might have to cancel the reservation with (well-known international travel website), or that you come back another time with the voucher from (totally unrelated travel agent company) ”
Guest: “No, no, I don’t want that. I want to pay the reservation with the voucher.
Manager: “But there is nothing to pay. You have already paid both companies”
Guest: “I don’t understand….”
Manager: “There is no balance outstanding. (well-known international travel website) charged everything to your card already”
Guest: “I don’t understand….so why can’t I pay with the voucher?”
Manager: “OK, let’s try again. You buy product X from Walmart and pay with your creditcard. After you have paid, you produce a voucher from Target for product X and want to give that at the Walmart check-out. The cashier will not take your voucher for 2 reasons: because A) it is not for his store, and  B) you have already paid with your creditcard”
Guest: “Aha…..*hesitant silence*….I don’t understand…”

At this point we both don’t know if we should laugh or cry anymore. She keeps repeating that she does not understand, and that she wants to pay with her voucher. Nothing my coworker says gets through to her.

Manager *starting to slowly bang his head on the table*: “Madam, you cannot pay anything with that voucher, as there is nothing to pay.  If you want the 2 rooms you have booked at (well-known international travel website), we will see you at (date). If that is not what you want, I suggest you cancel with them”

Guest *cheerfully*:”I probably have to bring the voucher to the hotel for you to look at?”
Manager: “No madam, I don’t have to look at any voucher. I have a booking here from (well-known international travel website) for which I am going to get paid with the money they charged from your creditcard”.
Guest: “Ok, I’ll bring the voucher then! See you next month…I am so looking forward to it!”
Us: “Yeah….we too….you have no idea how much…..”

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