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(I am going through enrollment documents with a parent over the phone. Since the school is state-funded, every one of these documents is required by the state the student lives in. It can get a little complicated, which is why I’m there to help parents through the enrollment process.)
Me: Alright… It looks like we have everything buy the birth certificate. Do you have a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate?
Caller: Well, we moved and I actually lost it.
Me: Not a problem. You can order a replacement from Vital Statistics. It usually costs about $30 and takes a couple of weeks.
Caller: Oh… Is there any way I could get it faster? I really want to get this enrollment thing over with.
Me: How far away is the hospital your daughter was born in?
Caller: Oh, I don’t know… Maybe an hour?
Me: Well, you could call the hospital and ask them for a copy. You can usually pick it up within a day or two.
Caller: *anxious laughing* Well, this is kind of a hassle, huh? I mean, Obama didn’t have to show his birth certificate.
(This used to happen ALL OF THE TIME. I stopped ignoring comments like this because it only encourages callers to keep saying it to other members of the staff who were also sick of hearing it, but I remain polite.)
Me: Mr. Obama actually printed his birth certificate on posters and coffee mugs after he formally released a copy to the media. Not that you would have to go to that level. Enrollment doesn’t close for another month, so if you order a birth certificate online, you can send me the receipt and I’ll hold onto it in case we start getting close to the enrollment close date. If that happens, I will ask the principal for an extension so that your daughter will still be able to start class on time.
Caller: Oh he did? I missed that. That sounds good then. Thank you.