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, | Unfiltered | July 29, 2018

Customer 1*peruses menu awhile* “I’ll have the cheese eggs.”
Me “sure thing. How do you want those eggs?”
Customer “scrambled. But no cheese.”
Me “uh ok.”
*Later to coworker* “ugh I hate it when they specify cheese eggs and ask for no cheese. We literally have an option for that yet they somehow miss it!”
Coworker “yeah I hate that too!”
Immediately after complaining:
*Couple walks in.*
Female customer “I want the cheese eggs. No cheese though.”
Me “…..ok then” (I charge the cheaper price because, hey she doesn’t want the cheese.)
Male customer “I want the regular eggs but I want cheese in them.”
Me *eye twitching* “….sure.” (I’m not going to charge a higher price to add the cheese just because he didn’t specify the cheese eggs.)
To coworker away from couple “how did he miss that?! She literally pointed out the cheese eggs before he even freaking ordered! Seriously?!”
*Couple goes to pay* “hey why did you charge us (cheaper price) for her cheese eggs with no cheese than it says on the menu?!”
Me “cause she didn’t get cheese.”
Him “oh. Well why did you charge me for the cheese eggs when I asked for regular eggs with cheese?!”
Me “cause you got cheese in your eggs.”
Him *pays for both meals while complaining.*
Me *to coworker after they leave* “seriously?! It would’ve been the exact same freaking price! I literally charged for what they got, not for what they specified! Also it’s really freaking ironic that they both pulled that stunt immediately after I complained about it just before they pulled in! What the f***!?”
Coworker “seriously?! He was complaining about not being charged (higher price) for adding cheese than for the cheese eggs, while also complaining about the cheaper price for getting no cheese?! Seriously?!”
Yeah certain customers are idiots.

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