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Our breakfast starts at six am and it is six ten. We have a conveyor type toaster. Since we are full, I’m working front desk while another woman handles the breakfast room. She is normally very soft spoken, so when I hear her almost yelling I come running.

Coworker – [My name] FIRE!

I grab the extinguisher and run in. Out of the toaster pops a paper bowl on fire. Instead of using the extinguisher and shutting down the area I dump it into a bowl of water. A guest is standing to one side giggling.

Me (barely staying polite) – Why would you put a paper bowl through the toaster?! The sign says bread and English muffins only!

Guest – I don’t know (giggles).

Me – That is a $400 toaster! If you break it that way, you would have to replace it and we have cameras.

The guest stopped giggling and ran out of the room.

Coworker – Sorry, I didn’t see him put it in.

Me – It is not your fault. It’s going to be a long four hours huh?