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| Unfiltered | July 26, 2018

(I’m at a grocery store buying baking supplies for a contest.I have lived in the US for a while now but still have a noticeable Moldovan accent.This big sweaty guy cuts in front of me.)
Me:Excuse me but you need to go back in line.
Gut:Fuck off,I’m in a rush.Your condoms and make up can wait,foreign bimbo.Go bleach those black roots and stop bothering me.
Person behind me:Seriously?
Me:Okay,politeness is out the window.So you can see my roots but can’t see that literally everything I’m buying is food related?Also,what’s wrong with a woman not wanting a disease or a baby she’s not mentally,emotionally or physically ready for?That nasty attitude of yours won’t get you a significant other,mister.I’m pretty sure that if you were polite and waited in this rather short line or went to another register,you and your 4 beer cans would’ve been out in less time than this discussion needed.
(He muttered some expletives and walked to another register.The cashier just shook his head and continued as if nothing happened.Man or woman,I have no patience for rudeness.)