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, | Unfiltered | July 25, 2018

(We’ve had a problem with the alarm system in the shop. It goes off when it’s daytime and the shop full of customers. On this day it goes off, and at the same time the smoke shroud activates. This is a deterrent to stop thieves stealing things if they break in at night. We evacuate the store and call the fire brigade. We didn’t know at the time if it was just the smoke shroud or an actual fire that tripped the alarm system. We’re stood outside when this happens…)

Customer: I need to go in there!

Colleague: You can’t. The store is evacuated until we know what’s happened.

Customer: You don’t understand. There are things I need.

Colleague: You can’t. *Colleague* is the acting manager and she has to keep the store empty for your safety.

(We think he understands … then as soon as the supervisor has her back turned to relay information to the fire brigade the customer rushes back into the store with us frantically calling him back. He comes back out with his wallet and leaves without a word. It was just the smoke shroud and an alarm fault, luckily no fire, but if there was he was willing to risk his life for his wallet…. at least the other customers had the sense to just leave.)

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