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(I’m a 14-year-old student and I usually go to this Catholic school on a Sunday each week. Usually I just sit in the back corner waiting for time to pass by quickly…)

Teacher: “Okay everyone, why do you think we’re here?”

(No one in the class dared to answer, not even just raise a hand, so I decide why not! I raised my hand and then he asked me why do you think we’re here. This was my response… “TO HAVE SEX! LOTS OF IT!” I then shut my mouth and realized everyone was staring at me and then I thought to myself “I just failed at being a religious human being… Haven’t I?” Yet as I was thinking and regretting my decisions in life the teacher sighed and then replied “You’re not wrong…” And when he said that… I sat down, back in my chair, feeling successful and filled with confidence about myself.

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