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* I’ve been working for a pool store for the last 6 years, I usually work in the back office, but sometimes I need help on the balconies – I was at the counter with a colleague when a customer enters the store with a skimmer basket in his hands and a paper in the other, my colleague was talking to one of our technical assistance on, so I immediately smiled at the customer and asked. *

(Me) – Good afternoon sir, can I help you with something?

(Costumer) – Yes! I bought this basket for my pump 3 months ago, but does not fit the pump, I want to know if you have the correct basket for my pump, I have the measures of the old basket with me.

(Me) – Hmm … I can certainly exchange it for you, if in stock, this basket is for a pool pump [brand], what exactly is the problem in the dock?

(Costumer) – Does not fit !! I have the basket measures. It is exactly like this but different.

(Me) – Okaay … so this basket is for pump [1] model [a], there is a similar brand [1] basket but it’s for the model [b] is smaller, do you want to show you Sir.?

(Costumer) – My last basket lasted 10 years! Now it is BROKEN! I have the basket measures! Bring the basket! The pump is the brand [a]! * With a stern tone of voice *

(I try to maintain posture, and smile, I’m going to the storage room, I do not take too long to find the smallest basket.)

(Me) – Okay, so this basket is the same format but smaller, this basket is for the model [b] of brand [1] and you took the basket for the model [a] brand [1], must have been s …

(Costumer) – No, this is smaller, I have a bigger one, and it does not fit the pump because its format is different …

* At this time I started to realize that this will be a complicated task, and I beginning to understand that the customer does not know the exact model of the pump and I start to have doubts about whether the brand of the pump is the same as the customer says it is because there is only two baskets of the type with that format for the pumps of the brand [1] *
My colleague overhears the conversation and interrupts:

(coworker) – There are only two pump models of the brand [1] that has the basket features that regard.

(coworker)- I have the measures of the old basket with me.

I – I understand, but we do not have access to all measures of pools baskets, not have all the baskets of stock in pools to get to compare your measurements and the baskets, moreover even if the basket has the same measures, can not fit in the pump due to details speci …

(Coworker) – You do not know the measures the baskets ?! Incompetent! You work in pools and do not know what they sell!

(Me) – There are over 100 marks pump pools each with more than 30 models each outdated and each is still on the market …

*coworker interrupts*

(Customer) – sell me a basket of the same size, I paid, no longer even want to change! The basket that sold me is defective because it is equal to the old I have at home!

(Me) – I want to help you but to be sure it would be better to know which model and brand of pump they have is the best way to be no misunderstandings in relation to the basket defects he has no since there have a basket equal.

(I show the basket equal to the client to stop it finds that there is no defect in the basket, taking into account the client insists that the pump is the brand [1] even though I know that is not possible, I will get the catalog of pumps mark [1] and start to show you all the pumps, unsurprisingly customer after seeing each of them, says his pump is none of that are in the catalog, but continues to insist that the brand is [1] ).

Customer – My is none of these should be a bomb that you have no catalog * cries *

Me – This catalog as you can see is updated not by the brand but by our pool company, this catalog is the oldest shop, and the first bombs he saw in the catalog are already discontinued and has over 25 years is the age of our company, it is unlikely not have a pump with 10 years in this catalog.

We tell you what, you bring me the old basket and the model of the pump, and confirm the brand power.

Customer – I know the brand of the pump I know the logo, and I know that the warehouse them is [a few km from our shop], I will make a complaint about you! You do not understand anything pools, they do not even know what they sell! * Cries *

(At this point I do not know what to say to the customer, but my colleague comes to the aid)

Colleague – I apologize, but my colleague is right, to get the model of the pump we can help you right away, and even if we have the basket in stock ordered for you. But is it really necessary to know the pump model and brand, cause without it is like finding a needle in a haystack. “Portuguese expression”

* Customer said with exactly these words * – I don’t Believe in YOU!

My Coworker an I looked at each other without really knowing how to react, and we turn both to the costumer and say in chorus:

Colleague and I – I’m sorry, but if you could bring the model of the pump it really would help us to find what you need.

*The client continues to repeat that does not believe in us, and we try to ease the situation and make him understand that only with the measures we can not identify the basket).This lasts about 15 minutes and I get to see that we are not reaching any direction.*

(Me) -Excuse me sir, but either brings us the model and brand of the pump or we cannot help you, and since the basket was purchased last year and not three months ago * Saying this while I check the costumer historical” We cannot perform the exchange…
Customer – F*** the exchange I want the basket to fit the pump! F ***** You !!!

(Coworker) – Sir bring us the model and brand of the pump, hands him a card with our telephone number and escort him to the door. *The customer stands by the door for a while looking the door slowly closing, and leaves. *

*A week later my coworker told me that the customer came with the old basket a photo of the pump and with a photo of the board where the specifications of the pump are described. After all was another brand pump, and the man was to confusing the sand filter brand with the pump brand and thought it was all the same machine.*

Me to coworker: Well I know that many customers confuse things and make great confusion with filters and pumps and often find it all a single device, but after all this , after I loose 1 hour and shoued him diferent pumps, and after the way he treat us he deserved that his pump was outdated and he need to buy a new one.

Colleague: What do you think I told him? * winks*