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(I was working as an alternative worker in the endoscopy ward of a hospital. They had the rule, that if a patient, who leaves the hospital afterwards, gets anestesia during a medical he has to stay for two hours afterwards. Everyone is informed about it but some patients forget it, because previous year it was one one hour. One patient wakes up after about 30 minutes after the medical)

Patient: Excuse me young man, how long do I have to stay here?

Me: Until [time], [Patient].

Patient: Oh, I need to leave at [earlier time]. I have an appointment.

Me. Sorry sir, but those are the rules. Two hours after the medical. And then you have to be picked up by someone.

Patient: What? No way. I walk alone.

Me: Sorry, this is not allowed.

Patient: But I have an appointment. I need to leave.

Me: I’m terribly sorry. You were informed about it and you signed the paper.

Patient: I know how to open up those medical beds, you know?

Me: That’s very nice for you but it doesn’t change the fact that you have to stay here until [time]

Patient: But I have an appointment.

Me: [Patient], you are repeating yourself.

Patient: So do you.

Me: What do you expect? Do you want to risk your health over leaving earlier?

(He doesn’t reply and I take care of other patients. Then at some time:)

Patient: OK, it is [earlier time] now. Get me out of here.

Me: Sorry, I told you that there are [minutes] until you are allowed to leave out.

Patient: And I told you that I have an appointment, therefore I need to leave.

Me: Sir, who made your appointment? You or the hospital? (the patient doesn’t reply) You agreed to have this medical examination today and therefore you are here and have to stay until [time]. And besides: After you are picked up here you should relax, as it is written in the papers you signed yourself.

Patient: (gives me his mobile phone with a number) Please call my wife to pick me up at that time.