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, | Unfiltered | July 22, 2018

[I’m stocking shelves in the aisles, so I only know what I overheard and no details as to how this happened. It’s about twenty minutes before we open]

Manager: Ma’am, we’re not open.

Customer: But your doors were unlocked.

Manager: I’m sorry about that. They weren’t supposed to be. We’re not open. You’ll have to come back at 9:00.

Customer: Oh, I’m not ready to check out yet. I’ve got a lot of shopping to do. It’ll be at least twenty minutes before I’m ready to go.

Manager: No, ma’am. You can’t be in here if the store isn’t open. I’m sorry the doors were unlocked, but you need to leave and come back in twenty minutes.

Customer: But I don’t need to check out. I can just shop until you’re open.

Manager: Ma’am…

[After that I heard the customer leave, and then the sound of the locks being turned. Honestly the only part about this that surprised me was that the customer actually left.]