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I’m a small girl, in her early 20s. I also have my gun license, and shoot guns on a regular basis. I live in Canada however, so guns aren’t as predominant as they are in other countries. A customer comes in to my store wearing a “511” brand hat, which I know is sold at a local tactical/gun store. This occurs as he’s paying.

Me: I notice you’re wearing 511. Do you shoot?

Customer: Oh no. I just get my work clothes from [local tactical store], and they sometimes throw in free stuff like this hat when my order is big enough.

Me: Oh cool. Yeah [local tactical store] has a lot of cool stuff.

Customer: Yeah. (Coming to sudden realization). Um…do you shoot?

Me: Oh yeah! I shoot at [local gun club]. They only have a pistol and small caliber rifle range, but it’s a nice spot.

Customer: (Looks terrified) Um…ok. Thanks. Bye. (Quickly backs out of the store, keeping his eyes on me the whole time).