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(I am the customer in this scenario. I’ve gone to get a burger with my brother. He orders first, then I go up to the counter)

Me: Hi there. I’ll have the bacon cheeseburger and a rootbeer milkshake, please.

Cashier: Alright, that’ll be $9.26.

Me: Ok…

(I hand him my loyalty card, one of those “free burger for every ten purchases” sort of things. Every day there is a trivia question that gets you an extra stamp. I answer the question.)

Me: Dr. Pepper was invented first, right?

Cashier: That’s right!
*he stamps the card and hands it back*

Me: Oh, where’s your bathroom?

*He tells me and I thank him and promptly go off to use it, then go to sit down with my brother and am in the middle of a conversation when the cashier approaches us*

Cashier: Sir, you need to pay.

*I had completely forgotten! I sheepishly go back to the register and joke about how I must have REALLY needed to go. Fortunately I still get my food at the same time as my brother*

Me, to brother: This is going on Not Always Right.